Join us for part of our world voyage

from Darwin in Australia to Strynø in Denmark

We are excited to invite you to join one, two or more legs of the continuation of  Yukon’s circumnavigation. We are looking forward to share our vessel and adventure with you. 

The fare and duration of each leg will vary widely – please refer to our “Sail Plan” page for an outline of each leg of the voyage you may join.
There are three levels of participation, all include three meals a day and and  your own cosy bunk. See Yukon’s layout here.

Between Darwin and Denmark the voyage will be open for voyage crew only.
Yukon will be operating as a non-commercial vessel and voyage crew will be vetted through application and required to contribute to the operational costs of the vessel for the time, they chose to make passage with us.

Voyage Crew

As voyage crew you participate in the daily running of the vessel. Your responsibilities will include participation in small daily general duties, though you may become more involved if you are interested.
A minimum of sailing experience is preferred, but not essential. As we always have sufficient core crew on board.

Voyage crew will be accommodated in the two cabins with two bunks beds in each cabin. 

Extra Crew

Extra crew do not need to be qualified mariners, but have a minimum of sailing experience as crew.

Your responsibilities will include deckhand, watch  keeping and below deck duties and general work as required.

Extra crew will be accommodated in the  saloon berths midships.

Core Crew

Core crew members will be qualified and experienced mariners.

Looking for an adventure.

Core Crew will be accommodated in the crew quarters.

Are you interested? Please tell us about yourself.

Who are you? Which leg are you interested in? What level of crew would you like to be? What sailing experience do you have or want?

Let us know, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to talk some more.