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Frequently Asked Questions

All food is prepared fresh on board the Yukon – including any seafood gathered during the trip. You’ll be expected to help with preparation and cleanup. If you have any special dietary requirements, allergies – please let us know when you make your booking and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Seasickness is a real possibility. Most people get over it in about 24 hours. Don’t worry we have years of experience. If it should happen to you, we will look after you. 

Fresh water is at a premium, but we like to keep clean so it is a balancing act. We take saltwater showers on the tropical legs and rinse off with fresh water. In the colder climate we always try to ensure everyone is content with their level of cleanliness.

It’s nice to have your own gear. Even in the tropics it rains  a lot. Make sure you pack all your gear in a soft bag so you can scrunch it up or fold it flat and store it in your locker.

Your device will function in coastal regions where there is mobile coverage. The ship has a sat phone which you can have access to if required, at a  cost.

Yes no problem, We have a charging station in the saloon. We charge batteries twice a day. Be aware this is for standard low wattage gear only, if you have larger packs let us know before you join.

Alcohol consumption is at the captains discretion.
We enjoy a sundowner but refrain from drinking alcohol if on watch.