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We welcome you on board Yukon, the traditional danish build sailing ketch.

We sail in harmony with the wind and the waves, all on board can get involved with the daily routine of a sailing vessel or you simply sit back and relax.

As the elements gradually begin to work their magic, one cannot help but be enchanted by the sensation of a ship under sail at sea.

Come sail with us!

Your Choice - Charter our vessel, crewed, provisioned and ready to go.


Choose your own day, time, and catering for a Calm River Cruise on the Huon River.

Bring along a group of friends, family, work mates, your community group or your birthday party!

Choose between A, B or C
A) Morning cruise with a 10.00 departure from Franklin Marina.
B) Lunch cruise with a 12.00 departure from Franklin Marina
C) Twilight cruise with a 17.00 departure from Franklin Marina.
All cruises return to Franklin Marina.

Price includes coffee/tea.
You can choose catering below.
This offer is for a maximum of 16 passengers.
If your group is bigger, please contact us for a quote.

Price: 1 ½ hour           $800
Price: 2 hours             $1000
Price: 3 hours             $1200


Choose your own day, time, and catering for a full day sail out of Port Huon.

This cruise takes you and your group out in the D’entrecasteaux Channel and offers a day with nice sailing. All are welcome to participate and help the crew, but it is not expected. Please prepare for a day at sea so you can stay warm and comfortable no matter the weather!

Prices includes 6-hour cruise, coffee/tea.
This offer is for a maximum of 16  passengers. If your group is bigger, please contact us for a quote. 

Cruise departure 10.00 and 16.00 return to Huon Yacht Club, Port Huon. Possible anchorage in sheltered bay for lunch.

Price: 6-hour cruise $2,000


Different options for enjoying a light lunch or a twilight snack on your cruise.
We are now working with local eateries to give you a range of delicious choices. All options have vegetarian and/or gluten free choices.

  1. BRING YOUR OWN food and drink.
  2. YUKON’S SOUP. (24 hours’ notice.)– Tomato based vegetable soup w/ homemade bread.
    Price per person $12.
  3. FRANK’S CIDER. (24 hours’ notice.)
    – Frank’s Huon Valley Selection. Include a selection of local cheeses, homemade bread, cider cured cold salmon and our own sliced beef pastrami. A piece of quiche, and an apple frangipane for dessert.  
    Price per person $20.
  4. CINNAMON AND CHERRY. (Two days’ notice.)
    – Fresh local produce prepared with a Turkish influence. Includes a mixed of 8-10 different cold mezes with our rosemary bread.
    A cold sweet like tart or fresh brioches.
    Price per person $33.
  5. OSTERIA@PETTY SESSION. (One week’ notice.)
    -Traditional Italian surprise hamper prepared with 100% Huon Valley products.
    Also includes something indulgingly sweet.
    Hamper for a minimum of 2 people Price $80
    – Additional freshly shucked oysters dozen $36 1/2 dozen $18 (depending on availability).

For school groups, day and overnight cruises please contact us for more information.

All voyages are planned taking into consideration weather and time frame, so as to maximize your sailing enjoyment. 

Booking - Your Choice

Please contact us with details of your idea for a special cruise and we will get back to you with a proposal.

You are also welcome to call us for an unformell chat on 0498 578535


NB: If you are after the short ticketed day cruises out of Franklin please look up: