Yukon features on FlightNetwork's list of "16 Awesome Aquatic Adventures"

Your South Pacific adventure just got even better.

Miles of isolated, untouched islets. Thousands of unexplored waterways. Wave after wave of perfect surf. The biggest recorded coral reef on our planet.

There’s no question that Australia and New Zealand are every water lover’s dream. From Great Barrier Reef snorkelling to open-ocean kayaking, the world’s largest islands offer the perfect conditions for under and overwater exploration.

But with boundless opportunities to explore the two countries by river, ocean or swamp – and thousands of water tours out there – how do you choose?

Choose a trip on the Yukon of course!

Yukon is #4 on FlightNetwork’s list of 16 Awesome Aquatic Adventures – well we always knew we were awesome, but its good to see someone agreeing!